Global Conference on Children on the Move

The Global Conference on Children on the Move, held in Berlin on 12-13 June 2017, provided a space for diverse stakeholders – including representatives from governments, civil society, multilateral institutions and the private sector – to discuss and advocate for a strong global strategy on protecting the rights of children on the move and other children affected by migration. In particular, the conference aimed to: 

  • Demonstrate the benefits of collective action in achieving clear positive outcomes for children on the move.
  • Assess progress on and develop a strategy to accelerate the implementation of existing commitments related to children on the move.
  • Explore the future for harmonious societies.



The participation of a youth delegation  made up of youth from all over the world who have experienced migration and who are actors of change within organisations they belong to or  organisations they themselves have created – was an essential component of the conference. Together, these youth explored possible solutions based on their experiences and fresh ideas on how to ensure better protection for children on the move.

One of the outcomes of the conference was the working document “Child Rights in the Global Compacts: Recommendations for protecting, promoting and implementing the human rights of children on the move in the proposed Global Compacts.” This document lays out goals, targets and indicators through which key commitments to child rights outlined in the New York Declaration can be transformed in actions for both Global Compacts.

A four-page synthesis of the working document is available here.

Other conference-related documents can be found below:


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